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    Martina Topley-Bird Bootlegs – Wiltern, May 20th 2010

    I went with the full intention of getting some bootlegs from an amazing band that rarely tours; Massive Attack.

    It was a complete and utter failure, as their sheer sonic force drove my recordings straight into the red and all I got was over modulated clipped bass distortion. I was rather disappointed, the show they put on was second to none and I would be leaving with nothing more than the fleeting memories of the experience. Or would I?

    The opening act was a woman named Martina Topley-Bird. She was doing some of her solo work before joining Massive Attack on stage to perform songs from their new album Heligoland. I had not heard of her before, but my wife was quick to point out that she was one of the talents behind early Tricky. She captivated the audience instantly, myself included. Her stage presence was majestic and she stood there in a red frilly prom dress and made it look easy. She would record looped refrains and harmonies from scratch prior to the start of each song, and then sing over them. More importantly, her sound was perfect, it hung in the air drenched in the natural reverberation the theater space; it was crisp, and clear, and I got some beautiful recordings of it.

    Please enjoy! Right click and save as to download the mp3’s for yourself.


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